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The Senior Peer Program strives to improve the well-being of seniors by providing increased social connections with their peers. Fostering relationships among seniors can help prevent significant mental health problems such as major depression and debilitating anxiety.

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I am Michelle Parsons, a medical anthropologist from Northern Arizona University, who is conducting a National Science Foundation study of adult mortality in Yavapai County. In some form or another you all have helped with my research over the past few years and I am very grateful. I’ve completed interviews with 40 service providers and 35 service recipients. 

The final part of data collection is a short survey for adults aged 25-64 living in Yavapai County which should last less than 10 minutes. If you are willing to help distribute the link to the survey link (either by forwarding, posting on social media accounts, or adding temporarily to a webpage) I’d appreciate it very much. I am hoping for around 200 respondents. 

You can take the survey yourselves and you are most welcome to forward it to others in your networks. Individuals with lower levels of education are sometimes underrepresented in survey data, so reaching out to certain employees or people you or your organizations serve would be especially helpful. The link to the survey is below:

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